I have a paid subscription and an API key, but I don't see GPT-4 in the playground in chat mode

I have a paid subscription and an API key, but I don’t see GPT-4 in the playground in chat mode.

The list of available models is limited to 3.5. What am I doing or assuming wrong?

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ChatGPT subscriptions do not affect the API side of your OpenAI account, that must be charged with $5 of credit in order for you to obtain GPT-4 access, you can do that by adding a payment method and making a payment here



Thanks so much for your response, Foxabilo.

Now that I know what to look for, I was able to find this post.

I have some feedback for anyone interested:

Searching for “API” or “playground” in the help center doesn’t help.

Searching for “GPT-4” in the help center brings up this article, which says only, “If you’ve made a successful payment of $1 or more, you’ll be able to access the GPT-4 API.” This statement needs to specify that giving money to OpenAI isn’t enough; you need to put it in the right account.

Alternately, OpenAI could make their chat and API account information viewable in the same place. It’s the same company after all, and it would really help clear things up for paying members who want to augment their access.

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I should just clarify things precisely, the actual requirement is for $1 to have been paid in respect of an API bill for access to GPT-4. The practical and rapid application of this requirement is a $5 top-up to your account via a CC/DC.

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