OpenAI made my Chatgpt Plus vanish, along with all my documents

Hi guys, today my plus account vanished from my account. There is no reference to it, neither the jobs I was working on. Weird enough some chat from 2023 long before I’ve bought a plus account were restored. Nothing on the OpenAI websites helps me out to reach a human being that can assist me with this problem. It is not a matter of the work I have done, more about the money I’ve spent. Everything vanished. Did anybody have an issue like this one?

Did you check your email account for the ChatGPT Plus account?

You may have had your account revoked, stolen, failed to pay, etc.

As the FAQ for such changes please see the FAQ for ChatGPT Plus which will instruct you on how to possibly resolve this and/or reach a real person.

Hi EricGT, thanks for your support. None of the above, everything just vanished. I did not receive an email for the activation of Plus account. I only have the transaction on my AMEX. What happened is that I switched off my computer after like 20 days and when I re logged everything was vanished: chats and Plus account. But it restored stuff from 2023. I will try to follow your leads.

All ChatGPT Plus accounts should have an associated email account. I did not ask or note a notification message I asked if you checked the email account associated with the ChatGPT Plus account.

Also the ChatGPT FAQ articles will most likely lead to using the bot in the lower right


to contact a real person.

I am not an OpenAI employee and there is nothing more anyone of us on this site can do to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks. I just wodered if this ever happened to anyone else. I did check the email account, of course.


There are hundreds of such questions on this site. At least now it is more of a refined process to get resolved but over a year ago you would see users noting they sent an email and not see a reply for a few months.

Here are two different ways to answer your question about anyone else

This Discourse forum has an AI bot for those with a high enough trust level. I posed the question and received a reply.

How many topics are there noting topic similar to ChatGPT Plus vanish ?

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Thank you so much. This was helpful. I started a few times conversations with the chatBot from openAI, let’s see if anybody sends an email.
Thanks again Eric