API credit gone, all account information disappeared

Hi, I purchased $50 credit back in November. I have not used the service in a while. I checked my account this morning. It seems like my account was wiped, no history, no nothing and no credit. I doubt that I used all the $50. ChatBOT is not helpful, no other way to contact openAI. What is going on?

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First, check that you are using the correct login and account. You may have just forgotten the credentials that get you back to the paid account.

Then when you log in to https://platform.openai.com/account/organization, the left menu, when you click your name at lower left will pop up another menu that may have a checkbox that allows you to choose between multiple organizations (with one auto-added by OpenAI). Try them all, and locate the one that has previous API keys.

Then you can view “Team” (members), and see if there are unwanted actors that have been added. It is possible with account intrusion for someone to invite themselves as owner on the account, and then remove you, leaving only a “personal” placeholder organization.

You’ll need to find a navigation path in “help” under “messages” in the help widget to send a message and describe the situation that you actually find, which is the only way to get account support.

I only see personal, which is correct. I only have 1 account. As I said, I went back as far as October on https://platform.openai.com/usage which I used the API a lot, but Usage, Activity = 0, no record of anything.

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I have two organizations: one created long ago with the organization name, and one that OpenAI added in the second-half of last year to many accounts…called personal, without any of the organization name info filled in by, because it is of no use.

If I were to give a hacker my password, they could log in, basically steal my organization, and leave me only with “personal”, that one having no usage, no API keys. With the billing method still active in the other organization.

If this lines up with what you see, you don’t have another selection in the “name” menu at bottom with your gravatar, and you aren’t sure if your account is new enough to only have “personal”, you can contact OpenAI with a presumptive message: “Organization stolen or missing from account”.

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Thanks, I sent emails, messages to the chatbot, but no response. It’s crazy, how openAI can just take people’s money and provides no way to contact them.