OpenAI LOG-IN wants to verify again

Frustration. For a week, I cannot login to Open AI. It recognizes my email and password, but then it defaults to “Tell Us About Yourself” splash-screens. It accepts my name without issue, but my mobile number sends me, “This phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts.” Yes, I have one for work and one for a personal project. I don’t have more than two accounts- and I am not creating one, I am logging in -or trying to! Have tried browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge and Brave. Have tried all manner of time of day. Any help??

I have just found myself in the same position. Did you find a solution?

No, solution yet. No response from email queries, either.

Same. I can login just fine on my phone, but the exact same login details on my desktop lead me to have to verify again during LOGIN, and then complains that the max amount of accounts have already been registered with that phone number. Well duh, I’m logging in with an EXISTING account. You would think they care more about having a functional login page.

Same issue on my end. I haven’t made more than two accounts so I have no idea why this is happening. Still scouring the internet for solutions but no dice.

The same frustration here. Used chatgpt for two months, now this. I wonder how the programmers managed to make chatgpt work when not even the login works.