OpenAI - Access Terminated without any usage. Must be a mistake?

I received an email yesterday that my OpenAi account access has been terminated. This must be a mistake ? I have purchased $10 USD credits for APIs on Wednesday to try some of the API functionality for personal development and self education. The only information i received so far from the team is that i have violated some “usage policy”, i really don’t know what wrong i have done :slight_smile: . I am not an expert developer in this, and as a matter of fact, till date I have not used APIs at all because there was an Outage on Wednesday, right after me purchasing some credits. And suddenly without doing anything my access was terminated. This is not fair OpenAI. Please fix my access issues or refund my money.

Very sorry to hear that. This is the developer community of openai.
That means it exist for developers to talk about how to use the openai products.
It is very unlikely that someone from openai will even read about your complaint here.

There is a workflow. You write to and they will look into it. You’d be surprised how good logfiles work.

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