Terminating account for using ChatGPT API

I tried to use chatgpt api to create questions for students from a blob of text. i tried to use the following plugin moodle - plugins - local_aiquestions"
. but as soon as i used it got an email that my access has been terminated. with the below email.
i went through some of the usage policies and found that i have been using the API correctly. There is no abuse,no vpn or any such thing.
The interesting part is there help is ridiculous and frustrating. absolutely useless. such popular tool with no proper help to solve the issue.
I understand that there are users who try to misuse but that does not create problems for genuine users. i believe there should be a process to clearly identify who is a proper user vs not. after all it uses AI. can’t they write logic to make it more appropriate.
direct termination is absolutely absurd with no proper way to put a case from the user.
if anybody let me know how i can get my access back please let me know. i haven’t seen anybody got their access back.
if the OpenAI team finds this topic , please make sure you give proper steps to listen to our side of the story also. Don’t make decisions just based on your thinking.
or don’t let the openai make such hasty decisions , if you are using it already to identify . i am not sure you are. after all this tool is created by a human mind only.

" Hi there,

We have determined that you or a member of your organization are using the OpenAI API in ways that violate our policies.

Due to this breach we are halting access to the API immediately for the organization Personal. Common reasons for breach include violations of our [usage policies.

The OpenAI team"