Open AI Fine-Tuning Program *Try me*

I need testers for a program I developed to assist in fine-tuning OpenAI models.

Think of it as an extension to the playground, except you can then save each prompt to be used to generate a fine-tune model. There are a lot of features I want to continue to add but need help knowing what to work on next.

Send me your email and preferred access method (android/apple/web) if interested and I’ll send you an invite link to try it when I’m polished.

Thanks community!!


Hello, I would be interested. and either apple or web.

Hi there, sounds cool, I’d also like to try it out., either Android or web please! Thanks, Felix

Hi there. Sounds interesting. My email is
Prefered access method (web & iOS)

Hi there,

I’m interested.


Regarding needing testers for your program, you can send it to @ :
preffered / web

Sounds interesting!

I would like to try Android/Web


Hi Jaron,

That’s an interesting idea, and if you still need testers I’d be happy to participate and let you know. We are actively experimenting with fine tuning.

I’d be accessing it through the web. My email is

Warm regards,

Was just thinking about something similar myself. Count me in (web/apple)

Hey Jaron! I can help out with this a bit. Learning AI here. / iPhone :slight_smile:

Would love to try please Jaron.

web / iphone

Has anyone gotten a follow up? I have not

Netiher have I. I think that @jaronwilhelmsen is currently waiting for some critical mass of testers and then will follow up.

Hey, Would also be interested, - apple or web

Sounds like fun! I am willing to test it for you. Email

I prefer “web”.


Thanks a lot!

thx and some additional characters to make the minimum threshold.

Hey I’m interested! :slight_smile:
Preferred: Web