Is there any place I can find some beta users for my GPTs

hello everyone,

I have built a new GPTs with a external server/database involved by Action feature. I want to get some feedback for my APPs but it’s hard for me to find some beta testers. Also from GPT website/app I can’t get any dashboard to show the statistics of my GPTs. Anyone can suggest next step?


Are you still looking for testers? I am interested in your project. Lets connect!

Hi Mark,

thanks for your interests. How could I connect you?

Hey Mark if you are still interested please try it here ChatGPT - Words Bank - Language Learning

I’m looking for beta tester too as well! Do you want to test each others?

if anyone wants to join :slight_smile:

hey let me know, let’s do it

DM me. I’ll leave our website here

I briefly tried it out. It seemed ok… although, it might have helped to be a bit shorter in text response. Then you might try provide some “numbered” answers.

The information responds (simpler, less verbose). Then afterwards, instead of free-form responses, it may be quicker to have some ready to go answers -

Would you like to practice this dialogue, learn more vocabulary, or start a different topic?

  1. practice this dialogue
  2. learn more vocabulary
  3. start a different topic?

This way the user can simply press :

Ok, so let’s practice some more on these phrases until you’re happy to move on… Practice this phrase "… etc


Tell me what topic you would like to explore?

As said, the user can write up a big text response, but the number system allows for faster moving around methods.

The direction is known by number, so ChatGPT can provide short simple responses to go in that next direction.


I really appreciate your feedback! I love it.
The “numbered” answers suggestion is impressive. I was limited by my own using experience because I always use “talk” , so I don’t get the pain point about “typing to many words”.

I will refine this and again I really appreciate your test and feedback!

I might also add my other thoughts, that as a “word/language” system, the intro is a little bit confusing. It seems like it’s written by a computer programming person :grin:… also, unfortunately, it’s always hard to say “the only” and have it true for very long.

What about something like -

Language Learner
By Chao Lv
Use this custom ChatGPT system to learn a new language, or discover new words in your native language. Track your learning progress and review the plan. Engage in active use of new vocabulary in a conversational context.
Learn English/German/Japanese/Spanish/Chinese.

Reason for change:
“Words Bank” just isn’t working for me as a phrase for learning a language?
“the only” statement might be over by next week… or soon enough… so a language learning person, will not be concerned with all the tech wins or advancements. They just want to learn.

Ok I agree with removal of “the only” - let me do it.

Words bank - I intended to mean it provides a place to save and manage all your words, like you are saving money in the bank! If doesn’t work for you, maybe doesn’t work for many others… Any suggestion how should I modify my name? Vocabulary Bank?

Hey I changed to Vocabulary Builder. Does it sound better for you?

I have been thinking about creating a platform or a page where users can reach out for beta testers and more. What do you guys think? Maybe it is a sign?

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Idea is always good but how could you promote this platform. Back to same issue how could we promote our GPTs. The fundamental issue are still thr

I would disagree, OpenAI is not the ONLY way to get your GPTs out there. There are gPT finders and etc. It is even showing up in SEO.

Are you good at SEO? I can set up first web version. Maybe we can get started today

Hi , Ill be happy if you be in contact with me aswell :slight_smile: , Thanks


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I am sure I am waaayyy of here, but this looks like an Open Interpreter GPT. Basically you connect this to a GPT and it will talk to your computer?

I am good at SEO. I am not sure if you have taken a look at Custom GPT Universe , Tylan "Chowderr" Miller's AI Page - ChatGPT|GPTs|Custom GPT|Gapier, but I will be recreating something like this. To be honest it might be bult on WordPress.

We should definitely all test each others and provide feedback, maybe that will start the community! Or we could request a separate category for GPT Launches kind of like Hacker News’ ShowHN threads. Something like ShowGPT and you can launch on this forum!