Access fine-tuned GPT Models by Community members via API


I’ve been working on a platform that gives users API access to fine-tuned GPT models made by others in the community. At this point, we are looking at releasing soon, hopefully in a week or two and so I’ve put up a waitlist to give some users early access and to get a sense of the interest as well as a discord for user feedback.

Also, we are looking for model creators that are looking to share their fine-tuned GPT models with others as well as monetize their work. We think there is a market for high quality fine-tuned GPT models that users can easily access without doing all of the hard work fine-tuning themselves and that model creators can earn a reasonable amount or at least enough to offset their API calls to OpenAI. We are at the early stages and so we will personally be onboarding all model creators.

For early access join out waitlist:
If your a model creator looking to reach out:

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer!


Hi @hamsa

OpenAI GPT-3 models aren’t currently available in many countries. Do you provide access to users from those countries through the platform to consume the API?

We’re currently focusing on releasing primarily in English speaking countries but hopefully one day :smile:


There is currently no facility from OpenAI to share fine-tuned models and to share API keys to access models in other OpenAI accounts is a violation of OpenAI’s current Ts & Cs.

However, you can share fine-tuned models within your organization, of course.


Precisely, my concern is that users who share their fine-tuned models could have their accounts suspended.

We do not ask model creators to share their API Keys. Users make calls to the routes the model creator has publicly exposed which in turn then calls their fine-tuned OpenAI models.

Hi @hamsa

There is currently no OpenAI facility publicly share models.

Hence, there is no OpenAI facility to do as you have described without sharing OpenAI API keys.

Sorry to explain this to you so directly.

Model creator will simply be providing an api that users can access which then sits on top of OpenAI’s api. This does not require the disclosure of any API Keys.


I see. Thanks for explaining. Makes sense and sounds like a good approach to me now that you have explained it.

Thanks again for explaining. Sounds like a useful service. Thanks for sharing.


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No problem. I’m here to clarify any misunderstandings.

If you have any fine-tuned GPT models you’d like to see on the platform, just let me know.


Sounds like a very useful model, just what we are looking for. I will message you the details.

I think it would be nice to be able to have some kind of competition platform in which people fine tune their models or prompt engineer them and then have a competition. Additionally it can even be platform for bounty like programming challenges and the one that outformds the rest can be paid for etc etc maybe once you pay for it you can have the tuning data or other related information.

Hi Hamsa, is this something you are still working on because the website says something else?