Working on a mobile game using OpenAI & Dall-E: Beta is Live!

Hi. I would like to talk about a new project we have using Open AI & Dall-E.

We are soon launching the Closed Beta of our project It is a mobile game that lets you live your own story. Players imagine and play through an infinite number of stories, all individually crafted with the help of ChatGPT’s AI & Dall-E.

Find more infos & visuals about the game here:

We will launch the Closed Bêta soon. The Beta have limited “seats” (200 participants maximum). The list to register to the Beta is now Live here: Join Beta!

If you are interested in our project, feel free to register to our Beta. We arevery excited about our project and we cannot wait to have feedback.



Just signed up. Very interesting project @JustineAdven .


I tried to sign up but the email collection form did not work.

When you say it is powered by ChatGPT do you actually mean OpenAI? Seems to me these are 2 different things that people use interchangeably.

I am super interested in AI storytelling! Starting a related Discord- message me if interested!

Hi Robj, thanks for your interest!
Oh really? What about this link? Join Beta!

Yeah we use OpenAI :wink:
Ah yes I am definitely interested in your Discord =)

Yep the Google Form worked.

This is the error when submitting from your website. Note that my (valid) email was in that box but I removed it for privacy purposes.

This looks super cool.

Just signed up for the beta.

Hi again all! :smile:

The Closed Beta is available on Testflight! There are some places left, if you are interested in being a Beta Tester and receive the key, register here:

We opened a Discord server if you want to follow our progress and chat with the team:

For those who registered, you will receive an email in the coming days with the invitation! Thanks again for registering :slight_smile:

Thank you!