BlogeaAi - GPT Powered Co-Writer for Blogging

Hey everyone, we’re on the lookout for some beta-testers to give our new app a spin: a GPT-powered co-writer specifically designed for blogging!

BlogeaAi ( blah-jee-ah) Ai takes a slightly different approach than Jasper,, Writesonic… etc. We wanted to focus on helping you create quality content, instead of automatically generating blogs.

BlogeaAi consists of simple editor, intelligent editing tools and an interactive chat. We aim to enhance your existing writing, with the help of an Ai Co-Writer. The editor allows you to focus on writing so you can stay in the moment. When you are finished, you can simply export to plain text, WordPress, Word, or html.

You can learn more here… and

If you are interested in joining the beta, please DM us and we will help you get set up!
You will need to be familiar with using OpenAi’s API keys. Your API key is encrypted when stored and only available to you.

We are planning on offering two monthly plans:
1.) API Plan - user supplies their own api key. ~ $5 USD/monthly
2.) Full Plan - we supply the api key and pay the associated costs. ~ still figuring this out


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This one is definitely a “risky” one. Maybe reconsider or transform in “pay as you go”

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I’d avoid this like the plague. You might even get in trouble doing this one.

If you are looking for a solution, just go with Azure’s OpenAI API. There is no cap, same price, 99% uptime SLA, and if you signup with Microsoft’s Startup funding, you could possibly qualify for $150k in Azure credits.

Signup: Azure Open AI Signup
Pricing: Azure OpenAI Service - Pricing
Startup Funding: Microsoft for Startups

Thanks for the advice. We are trying to keep the price point as low as possible so that is why we included this option.

Could you explain why we might get in trouble?

I have read through the OpenAI terms and policies and did not find anything related to this, unless I missed something.

Yes its a tough one, as we want this to be truly unlimited but you always have to consider those abusing or taking advantage of a unlimited service.

Pay as you go is definitely as good option too!

Sharing keys is not allowed. This is from an OpenAI Staff Member.

I understand your need to reduce costs. A better approach is to just charge the user per token and rework your payment structure. Maybe $5 for the first [Insert profitable token count here] tokens. $1 dollar per [Insert profitable token count here] after that.

It’s better for multiple reasons.

  • The user never has to worry about key security.
  • The user never has to track how many tokens they are using via OpenAI
  • The user has 1 point of sales to worry about.
  • If there are billing issues, you, not OpenAI, are in control of it.
  • The user will never be able to blame your app for leaking.
  • You won’t get banned.
  • More users will have access to the service
  • A simpler route to purchase is always more effective than convoluted.
  • You, not OpenAI, has full quality control.

You’re product is not that complicated so it will undoubtedly be cloned. You’ll need to make the best experience to onboard people as quickly as possible.

Good luck.


Thank you for the advice. I was really trying to avoid the ‘tokens’ payment structure but that may be the only option at this point!

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I really don’t like the token paradigm. It’s like microtransactions on steroids. I suspect eventually it will go back to good ole’ hourly instance charging at some point.

Anyscale launched a new product called “endpoints” for open source models. $1 per 1 million tokens. As open source models catchup to the quality of GPT, there will be a race to the bottom and we will be back to the cost and profitability of running hardware.

But for now we have to deal with this stupid token paradigm that some programmer convinced everyone at OpenAI was a good idea. Good luck. Keep us updated on your progress and success.

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Ya its tough. I personally prefer fixed costs (per day, month etc…) but I know that is not always possible. I am sure Microsoft had some influence in OpenAi’s API pricing model, as services like Azure and other are terribly complicated to understand off the bat. There is a reason they ‘give’ you hundreds of dollars in credits to start hahah

We will go back to the drawing board a try to come up with a few options…

Thanks again for your feedback!

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Hello again everyone!

We updated a few things in regards to the credit usage system and launched the free beta!

Please reach out at for access to the beta. Please check your spam/junk folder as we have been having issues with the emails heading there…

If you are interesting in learning more before signing up for the beta we launched a new docs site: which explains the features, concepts and includes some guides and examples.