Now we are talking! (personal experience of improving vocabulary with GPT)

I’ve always struggled to express my experiences in words.

It’s frustrating when you have an incredible day, but can’t fully convey its awesomeness to others.

Recently, on a hike in the jungle, it hit me.

Why don’t I use AI to help me express what I experience?

“Now We Are Talking!” - came to my mind.

That’s when I came with an idea of the GPT I’m about to share.

Feed it an image, and it provides a structured set of words and phrases tailored to your specific situation.

Various parts of speech, descriptive phrases, even complete sentences.

All to help you articulate your thoughts and feelings more effectively.

For me it is a game-changer.

If you ever find yourself at a loss for words, give it a try.

Technology is incredible.

And it can help us communicate better.

I would be happy to get any feedback.

You can leave the feedback from the GPT itself.

P.S. I can share the prompt and the feedback endpoint definition for those interested.