Trying to make a Super Ai tool with ChatGPT. Feedback Appreciated

Hello ChatGPT Lovers

Ai Powered ChatGPT will change the world as we know it. However, 99% of people don’t know how to harness its full power.

I have created a web app to help common users to create stunning ad copy/content.

Here is the link:

I would like to invite all the ChatGPT lovers to check it out.
Give me honest feedback-I love the brutal one the most.

With this app, I tried to answer both simple & complex issues.

Here is what I tried to solve

  1. What if I want to create social media ad with a punch line? How to do it without trial & error?

  2. As a non-native English speaker, how can I write ad copies in my own language?

  3. What If I want a certain number of words in my blog post or articles?

  4. I have a layman’s understanding of spelling in different variations in the English language. What if I want to write something in British English? or American English? What If I want to write in even Indian English as I know we write 1 million to 10 lacs in Indian English? How about in Nigerian English?

  5. What if I want to write articles in a certain number of words or perhaps in lines?

  6. What if I want Arabic to be written not in Saudi standard but in Algerian Arabic? As we know almost all Arabic-speaking country they have their own standard.

  7. How can I create both Ad copy & keywords for Google ads?

Hope I did not bore you! :slightly_smiling_face:
Your feedback is highly appreciated.

P.S. In addition to the ChatGPT features, it can also do text to speech conversion online or voice-over in over 135+

Everytime i try i get not enough characters error! What am i doing wrong?

Hi there

Thanks for reaching out to us.

That’s because there were no available credits in the account.

However, your account is now credited with 3000 points to try out.

Please have a look.