Top 5 Practical AI Tips to Boost Your Daily Productivity: Share Yours!

Hey everyone,

Whether you’re new to the world of AI or have been exploring its potential for a while, there’s no denying the impact it can have on simplifying our daily tasks. From organizing your schedule to optimizing your work or study projects, GPT-4 is becoming an indispensable companion.

I’ve been delving into ways to make AI work for me, not just as a tool, but as a partner in managing my daily routines and interactions. I’m eager to share them with you. But more importantly, I’m here to learn from you too! Here’s a list of my top 5 productivity tips using AI:

  1. Voice-Recorded Notes to Actionable Schedule: I’ve set up a shortcut on my iOS device to quickly record voice notes. These recordings are then processed by Whisper + GPT-4 to create an actionable schedule for me, ensuring that I never miss a beat.

  2. AI-Powered WhatsApp Assistant: GPT-4 acts as my assistant on WhatsApp, interacting on my behalf with contacts trying to reach me. It’s like having a gatekeeper who knows my schedule inside out, filtering messages, and even answering queries directly when appropriate.

  3. Calendar Integration and Personal Feedback Loop: My AI assistant has access to my calendar, making it incredibly adept at managing my appointments and commitments. Plus, it’s set up to ask for my feedback on specific queries, ensuring personalized responses where it matters most.

  4. Summarizing Content for Quick Consumption: Whether it’s articles, reports, or long emails, using AI to quickly summarize content has saved me countless reading hours. It’s like having a personal executive summary generator. My personal favorite is summarizing long (error) outputs.

  5. Creative Thought Partner: Whenever I hit a creative block or need a burst of new ideas, I turn to AI. It’s been invaluable for sparking creativity, offering suggestions (By prompting it to act like Socrates), and even helping articulate what I am trying to convey, including this post.

Let’s Make This Interactive:

  • Share your top AI productivity tip that makes your day easier or more efficient.
  • Engage with shared tips by replying with your thoughts, questions, or additional advice to make those tips even better.

Why Participate?

  • Discover: Learn new ways AI can assist in your everyday life.
  • Share: Your unique tip could greatly help someone else.

Everyone’s approach to productivity is different, and that’s what makes this sharing so valuable. Your unique use of AI might just be the life hack someone else has been searching for.

Excited to see your tips and tricks! :grinning:


I am in no way using ChatGPT to its fullest and my prompting has dulled due to not using it enough.
But I totally share your number 4 tip. I use ChatGPT 4 to summarise content for me. I ask it if it knows a particular novel or film etc and then interrogate it for the particular content or themes I am interested in. I sometimes paste in an article I have found online.
I use it mainly in French to improve my language skills and knowledge of French literature. I have a GPT French tutor to help me out. But often I’m even too lazy to do that!
Although when I asked it to help me with a novel by Georges Sand it totally denied that George Sand played an important role in the French revolution of 1848. I had to correct it and it did apologise.

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Create mermaid diagrams from a text to explain an article I have not read and probably I won’t read, to illustrate a process or show realtionships of something in a visual way.

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Yes, that’s a great way to learn. Especially to understand relationships between different topics.

Yes help with books is great.
Personally, I instruct it to role-play as the author of the book and ask about their perspectives on my questions.

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