How do YOU ChatGPT? What do you use it the most for? What have been your TOP GPT moments?

Hey everyone,
I’m curious to know what your personal experience with ChatGPT has been like. What do you find yourself using it for the most? Have you had any profound experiences with it that you’d like to share?

I’m particularly interested in hearing if anyone has had scenarios where ChatGPT has helped them through a difficult situation that they don’t think they could have navigated without it. Additionally, are there any unexpected uses that you’ve found for ChatGPT personally that you think others may not be aware of?

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!

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When i first heard about Chatgpt i used it mostly to prepare for my exams. it was really helpful. with time I read so many articles on AI influence especially in my field (healthcare), and machine learning, helping me see the use of AI indifferent fields. a typical example being chatbots in healthcare.

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