A positive experience with GPT-3.5

I just want to express my appreciation with GPT-3.5I am using it to create nemonics for memorizing the Chinese reading, the Japanese reading, the English translation and the components of the Chinese/Japanese characters. there are about 2000 of these critters that should become reasonably familiar. The app I am using will present 6000 words and phrases (if I eventually reach the goal,). So there are easy instances, improbably attainable instances, and difficult but reasonable instances. It is this latter category, that I have sought the assistance of ChatboxGPT.

I ask it to create a paragraph with the following ideas: a tent with spikes on the top, a mountain, zany bugs, an aching big toe.

The first or second result is usually an enough to inspire my imagination to remember the character. This processs is slower than a cleaner unassisted effort. However these are the Japanese characters I have repeatedly tried to remember, and can’t get it fixed in my long term memory. I get contradictions within the story, but for the most part they aren’t image busters.
So thanks a lot. ChatGPT, this is what I would call a “God send”.