Not able to share GPT as Public


For some of my GPTs I get below msg. I am not able to publish it as public.

  • Review your info: Check that your description, name, and profile picture meet our brand and usage guidelines.

What to do in this case ?

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I have the same issue, I have no idea why…

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Same issue. No idea why - it was published all right before today, and I just wanted to make a small update to add a feedback form at the end. Even removing that change, I can’t update it any more. Here are my details - no reason I can tell why it would be against any guidelines:

Story Buddy:
A creative guide for kids to build and illustrate bedtime stories.

Same issue. I fed the error to the GPT builder, it edited my description, and now the GPT has been published. Hope it helps guys

same issue here. cant publish to the public. i have fill in everything

I solved this issue by deleteing the GPT and creating a fresh one again. I guess some of the description were not aligning with openai usage policy. I created fresh GPT with builder only. This worked.

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I am not receiving any errors on my GPT. It will allow me to set as public and confirm but then reverts back to share with a link. I have tried to publish to public 10 times without luck. I have reached out to support 3 days ago but no feedback yet.

Me too. Any solutions? I looked at the brand and usage guidelines but they don’t help :frowning: me solve my problem

ive had to do this twice for different reasons, but it worked.

same here.
My GPTs could not be released due to being caught up in providing health information. I guess so.
After removing the prompt about health information, I was able to publish!

I complained about my GPT not following my prompt and now I get this message with all my existing GPT’s and it won’t let me publish any new ones. Since there is zero real way to contact Open AI, I am effectively banned.