No one Replying to Ban Appeals

I’ve been sending ban appeals for months, but nobody replies to them. they’re completely ignored and my account remains banned for an unknown reason. openai hasn’t replied to anything i send, even the support chat is empty of replies. can someone help?

Well, OpenAI has about 400 employees and on the order of 100,000,000 customers, across at least 3 products, plus several close business partnerships.

The number of people responsible for reviewing ban appeals is probably very low. I wouldn’t expect them to expend very much effort trying to placate people whom they’ve determined violated their policies.

I’m guessing you have some idea what you did that led to the ban—most likely either using a VPN to access their service from a region in which they do not operate or repeated/flagrant content violations.


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i do not have a vpn. i’m sure i have no idea what led to the ban.

If only openAI had some way of sending an automated, natural language reply to users and classifying their escalation into the appropriate issue backlog. Too bad that technology doesn’t exist :man_shrugging:t2:

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My guess is they’re trying to avoid tit for tat discussion and they think just ghosting people will make the problems go away.

OpenAI is going through a lot of growing pains right now.

It’s a bit fuzzy how all of this will settle, but they need to decide if they’re going to be a research company with an operations sub component or an operations company with a research sub component. If it’s the former, I doubt they’ll ever provide an SLA that is worthwhile. If it’s the latter, they’re up against some pretty tough competition.

Part of the problem is that Sam, as brilliant as he is, has never scaled a company before. Not saying he can’t, but the jury is still out if the kernel is going to pop. He may want to bring in a COO.

when i’ve used the support chat in it’s taken as long as a week to get a reply depending on the topic. That’s the only avenue I know of besides making a connection here and sending a DM.

sorry that happened to you, bummer to not be able to use any services.