Newly created account and number but it says that it already exist and no further credits will be granted?

The title basically says it all. I just created an account today because I find it interesting enough now to explore AI and my friend recommended OpenAI because they give free 5$ credit upon registration.

But after registering, inputting my stuffs, I am SHOCKED TO FIND OUT that after I inputted my phone number, it says that this phone number already exist and no more further credits can be granted? What?! I just created my account today using my personal number and now it says it has been already used in an existing account?


Hi and welcome to the community!

Sounds not good!
Consider that the phone number message is likely a simple SQL look up and inside the table was the number you are currently using.
If somebody else has used the number before then it would show up as a previously used number.
Otherwise, I see no reason to be “SHOCKED”. It somewhat implies that a malicious actor inputted phone numbers into the SQL table.
You should reach out to, or maybe just spend five dollars for a real account. It’s definitely worth it compared to the free tier.
Sorry that I don’t have better news and that this still helps, somewhat.

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I did reach out to the help section of the OpenAI. Still waiting for their response. Thanks for the reply though!

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I also just checked with my grandmother’s phone number, my father phone number and my mothers too, all these phone number exist with us for around 10+ years and no body has ever registered with any of those phone number on open ai and it still says the number is already registered