Issue with Receiving Free Credit on OpenAI Account

I created an OpenAI account but did not receive the $5 free credit. The phone number I used is clean, meaning it is not associated with any other account. I am 100% certain of this. Additionally, the email address I used does not have any existing accounts. I would like to receive my free credit. As I mentioned earlier, I am very confident that the phone number is not linked to another account.

What should i Do ?


Same issue with me to and I’m unable to contact support

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  1. If you have signed up recently, a free trial credit is only granted when you first create an API key. API key creation will also have phone validation by SMS.

  2. If you created an account in the past, even if only to use ChatGPT and didn’t even know about the API, then that account would have been granted the API trial credit with a three-month expiration.

  3. Only the first use of a phone number will be granted a credit, the allowed secondary account per phone will receive 0 credits.

  4. You can view any past grants on the “usage” page at - below the round chart on the right if you have them, and see an expiration date.

So, if you have no free trial for any reason, there is also no talking OpenAI into giving you free money by customer service - you simply must prepay the minimum of $5 to get started.


I recently created an API key but noticed that my account was not credited with the $5 as expected. I want to clarify a few points regarding my situation:

  1. The phone number I used to register this account is entirely new and has not been associated with any other account. I acquired this SIM card just a few days ago, ensuring it is a fresh number that has never been used to create another account. I am certain of this fact, as the number is not recycled but brand new.
  2. My intent in addressing this issue is not to seek special treatment but to understand why I seem to be an exception when many others have received the $5 credit upon signing up. This discrepancy has left me puzzled, especially since I meet the criteria for receiving the credit.

As a student keen on exploring and learning more about OpenAI technologies, this credit is significant for me to start experimenting and understanding the capabilities offered. Any guidance on how I can resolve this issue and proceed with my learning journey would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Hello, I experienced the same. I already contacted support yet they haven’t responded yet.

Is it possible they stopped giving free credit grants?

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I’m facing the same issue, Did any of you got any resolution for this

They recently stopped giving new users free credit.

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I saw other members who were given free credits for their new accounts.

Well, you often hear people say, ‘You don’t get something for nothing.’

From what we know free credits have been discontinued.

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