Free trial account shown as $0


I just logged in with my gmail account in openai, and when getting into the API i have this

Free trial usage

$0.00 / $0.00

In order to use the OpenAI API, you need to set up a paid account.

I thought i would have $5 as other people are claiming. Any idea what might be wrong? How can i get that credit to play with the API?

I have the same error :frowning: What can We do?

Same here. Trying to test it but only got error 429; not enough credits. Upon checking it states $0. Account created today. Viewing history it states 0 all the way.

No history of using the same phone number for signing up either. It still shows NO FREE TRIAL.

The free trail 5$ is only for a limited period, so it may have expired, or the 5$ thing may have been phased out, I’m not 100% sure on that part.

I just open my open ai account with a new gmail but i am not getting the free credits’ any one explain me why. ?
i received this.

In order to use the OpenAI API, you need to [set up a paid account]

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You can’t create mor than one account to get free credits, i.e. if you have already registered an account then that is the one you get free credits on. Creating new account on different emails will not create more free credits.

Hello how can I find out if another account has used the same phone number? I had an old account but can’t remember email or password but I want to remember the email. Am I able to track this down with my phone number?

@javidr , any update on how to resolve this ?