Free trial is showing $0.0 credit even though no API is called yet

I created OpenAI a/c on Feb 5, 2023. I created the serect_key on March 11, 2023. While trying to call API today (March 12, 2023) I got an error “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.” I am under the impression that the free trial is valid for 3 months.

Credits can also be consumed through playground usage.

Thanks for answering. However, I have not made use of the playground yet. The usage chart shows no usage at all since I created the a/c on Feb 5, 2023. The chart also says, “Free Trail Usage … $0.00/$0.00”, as if I was not given the $5.00 credit to start with.I am confused.

I get the same Error. $0.00 / $0.00. I just started and my API-Key is new!

Thanks for mentioning this detail,

Free Trail Usage … $0.00/$0.00 appears when no grant is applied. Otherwise it shows the $usage/$grants_value and the grant valid till date.

Thanks. What action can I take now to correct the situation? I am new to OpenAI. Who do I contact about “no grant applied”?