New version of GPT available - error


I was speaking with one of my GPT models and this message keeps appearing in the chats:
“New version of GPT available - Continue chatting to use the old version, or start a [new chat] for the latest version.”

When this message appears I can no longer chat with my model, started new chat and got same thing… I have not updated the knowledge base…

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this is happening on all chats :frowning: input text and click send but text doesn’t get sent or leave prompt box. cannot continue chat with text. GPT Voice is unaffected.

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I am facing the same issue. And as you mentioned, the app seems to work just fine (using android here). Any workarounds so far?

use gpt voice.

i’ve stopped using text input, can’t afford to have any of my current chats bug out like this.

I’m having the same error, but it will allow me to continue chatting. However, there is no new version. Nothing has been changed. This is happening on every chatbot that I’ve made.

While frustrating i’d look to move on to other tasks if you can. Hopefully OpenAI will have this resolved soon.

even though this error message is still appearing text input in those chats has resumed, thanks OAI

thanks for addressing this. the message still appears but chats are working fine :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed this as well…thought it was weird as there is NO new version of ChatGPT, even used Wireshark to watch incoming packets – nothing pushed to my local machine.

So then I started poking around…and I started to notice that when I went back to specific chats at a later date entire sections of conversations were missing.

Hmmmm…very odd indeed.

Further troubleshooting revealed (in my case, anyways) if I kept a thread open after seeing that message WITHOUT clicking it, starting new chat, etc…that chat was intact (UI/UX version) and as soon as I clicked that notice and went back to that thread things were missing…

Put two and two together…not sure why my private chat history is being tampered with but…all I can figure is the thread is locked as dynamic JSON until closed.

Once it’s closed automatic process to strip/scrape your chat takes place.

I’ve noticed all sorts of anomalies as a part of my sessions dissecting the UI experience.

But hey…I might just be crazy.


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