"Error saving GPT" persistent error message when saving

Regardless of size and number I am always receiving this error when saving a GPT which contains a valid JSON file.

In the browser console:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()

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I found a workaround to this issue, hopefully it continues to work!

Basically, I noticed an undo option when I hover over the ‘unpublished changes’… I copied my instructions and clicked undo, I then added back my updated instructions and was able to publish.


Thank you! It worked for me as well! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, this worked for me as well. The revert button brings it back to prior state, then you can paste/update configuration and saved!

there should be a bug around it, at least in my case
(API error https:// chat.openai. com/backend-api/gizmos/g-G1qYY7zRb No config for gizmo _app-c7bb6e9c1471fff7.js:26:2798792
NextJS 7)

I have the same issue, orange error, “Error Saving”, Feb 7th 24

Having same issue. reverting to previous state helped me once but not with second update.

with good intentions, @logankilpatrick I continue having this error it’s closed here Error saving draft when building a new GPT - GPT builders / Plugins / Actions builders - OpenAI Developer Forum, this is my error screen sadly


Now I will proceed with feedback to make work easier and solve this asap:
I can edit some, but when I edit 4, or 5, it shows me this error, the thing is that there is an auto save which sometimes is a bit annoying cause it’s making on time changes, would be great to have a small delay, or adjust this on dev mode.

Good luck, and by the way, amazing work! We all love OpenAI platform! My supports

POST https://chat.openai.com/backend-api/gizmos/g-XXXXXXXX/promote 504 (Gateway Timeout)
_app-0afc1c00c7d91cd1.js:26  FatalServerError: Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.

I also encountered this issue and solve it using following steps:

  1. Turn off or remove all the extensions in chrome or use other browser instead
  2. Check the uploaded file in GPTs is valid or not (my previous upload says “Unable to extract text from …”, so I split the file, then the alert disappears)
  3. Save and done

hope this helps

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