New Team users can't join the team

I have invited 20 new members to the team. Some already had Free/Pro ChatGPT Account. Some did not.
Now it seems that they are not added to the team after they’ve clicked the link in the invite mail.
Some tried to fix it by deleting their chatgpt account… now they cannot create a new one with their company email. Pretty stupid!

Any ideas what to do?

We are experiencing the same issue. My research leads me to believe that there is no consistent reason as to why this is occurring. Some are saying a backend issue, others are saying it’s something to do wit billing. Most say it seems to resolve itself in time.

Have you seen it resolve for you?

If you are experiencing issues with this, then I would contact support at

Nope, I just realized that I could only add around 8 People per day. Don’t know why. The issue resolved mostly the day after.

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Eh, they’re so incredibly slow I think I’d be better off asking ChatGPT to be honest.

Gotcha, this confirms my suspicions I think.

I think with Team Accounts that if you double the number of seats or add 20 seats before the next pay period it will freeze until you do the “True-up” payment at the end of the day. This is despite flexible monthly plans not having to deal with the “True Up” renewals like annual plans are. This is not the case in reality based on our billing history showing us having paid 3 times already in April.

To get around this issue you’ll need to plan a phased rollout for larger organizations. 20 sign ups a day until everyone is signed up.