ChatGPT Teams - Can a seat be revoked?

So, I was testing around with our new Teams account, added a dummy user to see things from a new users perspective, then deleted/revoked the user. Thought it would just be me (the admin) left, but it still shows two seats taken. Now im concerned if I invite a new user, the seats will jump up to 3 seats when I’d only be using two and therefore also face additional costs…

Is it not counting right, or did I miss a step to kick the dummy account out properly?

Any advice would be awesome.

Not a bug I think based on what you’ve described, the team plan require a minimum of two users so it should never show less than that.

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Sadly not,

When I set up the account initially it showed one of two users which is why I sent an invitation to my dummy account now that I’ve revoked and removed the dummy account. It still shows two of two seats being used.

So it used to show 1 of 2 seats. Now it shows 2 of 2. Im reluctant to invite any real members in case it goes over and I’m on the hook for another $25 a month!

The billing expands to cover all members currently enrolled. And doesn’t give refunds.

So you add 2+2=4 and you have an annual bill of 4 seats. Immediately remove those extra two and you are still at four seats. They quickly adapt to the highest limit you reached while in flux, ensuring maximum billing. But you shouldn’t be billed for more than the maximum users at one time if you properly remove users first.

Thanks for this, that’s what I had hoped! If this is true then that’s good news!

Only way to test it is to risk signing up a 3rd user after the 2nd is removed and pray I don’t get charged another $25 for an extra seat. Would be useful if this was written into the ChatGPT team docs but there is no mention of it anywhere.

Can you/anyone who has actually done this, to save me a potential cost whether that’s accurate.