Need Help with Transferring a Paid Seat to a New Employee on a Team Account

Hey everyone,

I’m in a bit of a situation and could use your advice. Our team has prepaid for 32 seats for the year with the ChatGPT team account, and one of our team members recently left. I need to transfer her seat to a new hire.

Has anyone dealt with this before? I’m looking for tips on:

  • The process to transfer a seat
  • Any required info or documents
  • Ensuring a smooth transition

Would love to hear your experiences or any advice on approaching customer support about this.

Thanks a lot!

One of the shortcomings (among many) with ChatGPT teams is that the user’s space remains personal, and there is no transferring or ownership of information unless you had the account created under login credentials also under your control - which still has the tedious limitation of needing phone verification, reuses of a phone number being limited. It seems OpenAI would rather collect personal information about every employee than allow you to administer accounts.

Essentially all you can do if not logging in as the user is remove the account from teams, with the loss of any company-used GPTs or shared chats. The seat license then goes back into a pool, where you are continually billed for the maximum number of people that you’ve invited in the past.

Hi @_j , thank you for the input. so what you are saying is that I should remove the employee that is leaving and simply add a new employee and it would just atribute the avaliable seat to the new employee? without charging us for an extra seat?

That’s the idea, removing one, and only after adding another, should incur no additional expense.

The only big caveat is that teams billing gives you no management as precisely as “assign seat to account”, and your account is billed at the maximum deployments seen at a time.

That rogue employee could invite 100 friends that you quickly spot and delete, and you are still stuck with a $3000 bill.