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Hello everyone.

I’m creating this topic because the guide and solution provided in the referenced post didn’t work for me.

I have tried and succeeded in all passages, but at the end the “toggle visibility” switch for the website didn’t work. I had my domain verified but i couldn’t show it.

Indeed, the solution and guide provided in the referenced post is correct and great for getting the domain verified but it doesn’t solve this last passage, at least for me.

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After working three days to get the problem solved i believe i have found another possible solution.

To solve the bug i had to verify my domain without the www. prefix! In the chatgpt “add website” just insert yourdomain.yourextension instead of www.something.somethingelse.

In my case was changing from to that solved the issue.

In fact if you take a closer look at the “example” OpenAi provides in the field box (when you try to add a website) it only contains “”.

For short:

  1. i deleted all verified domains
  2. i started verification for (instead of
  3. i completed the verification and i could toggle the visibility.

Still, always remember to add the TXT DNS record @ with the OpenAi key!
Hope this helps!