GPT'S : Website Toggle box issue


I recently developed a GPT and I’m eager to test the signature feature once it’s released. The toggle switch button for my name works correctly, but the one for displaying my website isn’t functioning (the toggle switch refuses to activate).


Has anyone else encountered this issue? Does anyone have a solution?

Note: I’ve had my site verified with DNS and it’s checked, so the problem isn’t coming from there.

did you ever get this fixed? I’m having the same issue. I verified my website, made my GPT public but cannot toggle the website to on.

Yes it is fixed.
Actually, I thought my website was verified because I had the little v close to my domain but I reality it wasn’t.

I finally add both domains:

One with
And another one with

And it was fixed.

i am having the same issue. aren’t those two urls identical? maybe i am missing something.

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Sorry I made a typo
One with www, one without.