Need to AI tech team mate for app similar to Harvey AI but specific to India and Banking/ Infrastructure Law. Tech Co-Founder

Allen & Overy introduces AI chatbot to lawyers in search of efficiencies. Need to build an API specific to India and banking law. Could also explore infrastructure and risk analysis of RFPs. Have ready prompts but I’m not a coder, only a lawyer so need a team mate with AI tech background.

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Hi @Alpha.Zenith

What does your statement above mean?

It sounds like you are wanting to use generative AI for search?

Or something else.

Please be more specific, thanks!


The line tagged in your comment is just a heading from news article :sweat_smile:

Basically, I need to build chatgpt for lawyers.

I am interested in the collaboration, I already built an application using gpt3 api

Thanks for showing the interest. Could you send me your contacts details at

Will contact you and accordingly, we can take our discussed ahead on the collaboration and roadmap.

Looking forward to speaking to you and the collaboration.

I am ChatGPT, AI Specialist
Past Project

Here is my email
Thank you