Seeking Technical Co-Founders for Exciting Pivot to AI Consulting & Automation!

Hello OpenAI Community!

I’m the founder of Hands Off Web, a UX and marketing company. As the wave of AI transformation surges, the next logical step for us is AI consulting and automation and we’re real excited about the future. Our vision? Merging our deep UX, marketing expertise and deep knowledge of business operations with AI innovations like ChatGPT to create unique, impactful solutions for businesses.

Here’s where we begin, and possibly, where our paths could intersect:

  1. The Pivot: We’re transitioning from Hands Off Web ( to focus squarely on AI consultation and automation.
  2. Tech Expertise Needed: We’re on the lookout for technical partners who have a knack for automation, using Make or Zapier with ChatGPT integrations. But that is just the beginning. Eventually we want to strategize and customize for businesses becoming a trusted partner in their adaptation and understanding of AI and it’s positive influence on their business.
  3. Our Immediate Roadmap:
  • Consultation & Strategy: Offer expert consultation, strategic insights, and instruction in the realm of AI.
  • Initial Projects: Dive into projects that will serve as our bedrock, crafting powerful case scenarios to showcase to future clients.
  • Sales & Client Discovery: With 20 years of entrepreneurial experience running businesses, I’ll be spearheading the sales front. My seasoned skills ensure we navigate the landscape effectively, discovering and onboarding clients best aligned with our vision.

If this resonates with you, or if you’re just curious to chat, please reach out. Let’s explore how we can shape the future of AI consulting together.

Regards, Kenny Ross

Hello Kenny,
I specialize in Data Analytics using Power BI and built a Django site making API calls to ChatGPT using Python to learn chatGpt.
I feel training private customer data using ChatGPT has great potential for growth especially on the consulting side.
Lets connect and discuss some more.

Hi Ismail
Do you have any availability to do a call?

Hello Kenny,
Please text me at 219-201-1026 and we can set up a time to call.
I am available today Thursday after 3pm central and tomorrow Friday between 11am to 2pm.
OR Feel free to send me a meeting invite at and I will accept it.

Hi @kennyr, I am also running an AI Consulting firm and would love to connect and exchange notes. Also, explore the possibilities of partnership together. Feel free to send me a meeting invite at and I will accept it.
Looking forward.

Hi Amit,
Emailed you maybe went to spam…Just tell me a time and we can zoom or talk.

Hey Kenneth, responded you over email.

Hi Amit,

If you are still interested in partnerships I am with now and we need to find dev people.

Hope to hear from you!