Need Help: Website Button Not Working in Builder Profile Despite Domain Verification

Hi everyone, my team has developed Dolphinradar, a tool that provides users with activity data analysis reports for Instagram accounts they are particularly interested in tracking.
We’re in the process of integrating GPT to make our product more accessible and user-friendly. Ideally, we want the main Builder Profile name to link directly to our website upon launching the GPT.

I’ve looked into the relevant guides and have successfully completed the domain verification. However, the link button in the Builder Profile doesn’t seem to be working.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

You can try refreshing. You might need to add billing details… which you should have for ChatGPT Plus?

Does the name match the card and everything? I wonder if that not verifying is stopping the domain.

You might need to reach out to

Good luck.