How do I make Builder Profile name a hyperlink to my website?

Hi! My team develops the Consensus GPT, allowing chat GPT to search and analyze over 200M scientific research papers: ChatGPT - Consensus

I would like the main Builder Profile name when you launch the GPT to link to our website:
Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 3.56.20 PM

For example, AllTrails’s GPT has a link to theirs:
Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 3.56.40 PM

Does anyone know how to do this? I have already verified my domain in my builder profile. Thanks!

Hello, I believe the issue is with your name. In your builder profile, try turning off your name while keeping your domain on.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I get an error when doing this:

I guess that had to have been done before you shared your GPTs. In your current position, I would not want to unshare your GPT, but I think your answer is solved.

I believe to do this ( I have not tested this out myself) is:

  1. At the bottom left click your profile, and navigate to Settings & Beta
  2. Under Builder Profile you should see your name checked, and “Website” unmarked.
  3. Click the dropdown next to “Website” and click “+ Verify new domain”
  4. It will ask you to enter a new domain, I suppose you will enter your own website.
  5. OpenAI will then provide you with a prompt and a copy-able text block which should be a domain verification key which you should insert that into your DNS provider.
  6. Once you have inserted that TXT record with your DNS provider, navigate back to this page and click verify.

Thanks for the input but my domain is already verified. Any other ideas?

Let me share my experience. I just solved this problem.

  1. You need to complete the domain verification.

  2. You need to check if there are any public GPTs. If so, they should be set to “Anyone with a link” as instructed (i.e. temporarily taken offline).

After that, you should be able to select the domain in the builder profile. After completing the switch, switch back to public.

If I have been helpful, please let me know and help spread the word about this process. Also, your GPT is amazing.

If it works, please inform me and help spread the word about this process.

I’m also impressed by your GPT. I have an app and I hope you have the opportunity to use it:

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Thanks so much! Unfortunately, we cannot risk temporarily bringing our GPT offline since we have so many people using it. I hope OpenAI will fix this so that we can get more value out of our GPT placement.

I completely get it. I did the same operation in less than 30 seconds yesterday, just FYI.
With such a massive user base on your app, it’s definitely not worth taking any risks.

I followed instructions about turning off gpt’s public status (I had them set to only me), but the link will still won’t activate, so don’t think that’s an overal solution unfortunately.
Be great to solve this. Thanks!