Builder Profile Website Verified, but will not activate

Anyone else having this issue? I got the TXT in the DNS and OpenAI verified the site, but the radio button pauses when I try to activate it.


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Took a bit as far as I recall, try to log out/back in.

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Having the same issue with website, made dns A record updates, passed builder verification but About Website button won’t slide to active…going on 5 days.

So i fought thru changing the billing name to update About By line to desired name.

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Try on a different browser if you can. It’s still a bit shaky when it comes to UI/UX.

Even though I had a domain verified weeks ago, the notice came up, and I had to turn off the domain then turn it back on for it to be recognized.


This is good to know as I am looking to implement my own verified website to my builder profile.

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