I am trying to find the email?

Does anyone please have the email from this: Microsoft for Startups I got accepted then deleted the email so now I can’t get support for something related to the limit of $120 per month means I can’t use the full $2500 they gave me and I also see everyone getting 12 months on it. I did initially email them asking for it to be extended to 12 months, but I always delete my emails usually expecting I would get a response but I have not a few weeks on. Can anyone help me out? So overall I am trying to contact OpenAI in some way and either get… (they told me a way in the initial email I deleted upon getting the grant)

  • My grant extended to 12 months rather than 6 months
  • My monthly cap of $120 increased to around $420 so I can use the full amount in six months
  • Both

Sorry to hear…

If you have a question specific to your API account, please visit https://help.openai.com

I would contact them there and on the Microsoft side if you haven’t already.

Good luck!

I managed to get my cap increased, they just responded to my request. Still would be good to get a 6 month extension on the credits as it saves me a lot of stress of trying to build an entire startup in 6 months by myself as well as code it lol.

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I contacted openai support and hopefully they get back to me within the week on that because its a lot of stuff to finish for my startup in 12 months though as I am just one person and it has me stressed right now lol.