Need FREE help? [education / healthcare]

I am willing to help universities / schools / healthcare providers for free to implement OpenAI products.

As it is free / volunteer work, a very limited time will be available to help.

Demos of application built from scratch for personal usage.


I’m not sure you’ve got the qualifications necessary to do this.

You do realize schools and healthcare providers have extremely strict standards for vendors and consultants.

There’s zero probability anyone takes you up on this offer.

Monday I was at an Open AI conference with MSFT in Chicago. Ran into a physician who has interesting ideas he wanted to implement using ChatGPT specifically for the emergency room triage. I don’t think he has the $$'s to hire us as we are a consulting company and expensive, but someone like him may take you up on your offer.
Do you have a ChatGPT model trained on custom data you can demo ? Anyone you reach out to will want to see that. A website where people can post a question to chat and it answers with specific response you specifically trained chat on. If you can have that working, then I feel you will be able to find takers on your free offer.
Best of luck!

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As I am browsing saw a lot of people in this topic " Innovation in healthcare with the help of AI" in this forum looking for help. Hopefully you guys can connect and build something!

  1. its free right?
  2. you dont need to solve all the problems in the world to be able to help someone. Sometimes just putting someone on the right path goes a VERY long way.

Thanks for the kind words and for the time to write a reply.
I actually have created an application for myself from scratch using OpenAI API + Langchain + Azure + Nextjs + FastAPI (with azure functions) and Pinecone.

It is a very complex use case (multi-tenant financial analysis for equity research), but it is hosted locally as it is for my personal use.

there are two demos, but no audio. I have significantly improved the application since then.

I have edited the original post to include two demos!

Thanks, João

You do you, but often “free” becomes an expensive nightmare later.

See: White Elephant

Demos looked pretty cool! 2nd one was in Spanish …I think…looks like you trained the model and it answers your question and you integrated Point and Click with CO-Pilot like capabilities. Training the Open Ai models on private data and integrating CO-Pilot type functionality to existing websites seems to be a good possibility.
Best of luck!

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Hi. Nice demos. We have some discrete experimental use cases that may be a good fit. Would be public domain/open source so you would get the attribution. Health-tech startup. Focused on health equity.

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Hi, Peter, thanks. let me know how I can help.

Hi. I teach at a university and an a student in instructional design at another. I could use some help in my student role regarding opportunities to use AI in training and education. :slight_smile:


Shoot away, how can I help?
If you ask here, we may also help other people.

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I want to create CBT consulter, does this spark you?

Hello, I have same idea of creating CBT consulter, I have all of it structured in my mind But as I’m a psychologist don’t know who to speak with about it, maybe you can guide me

Explain the steps you took to ensure to that the equipment strong area was clean and no risk comes to children from use of chemicals in the childcare?