Need OpenAI expert assistance for a healthcare project

We would like a paid engagement with an OpenAI expert on the best methods to use for a fully conversational bot that helps to answer patient calls. It does not give out advice, it just pick sup the phone when no one else can answer. We have already got it working for 300,000 patient calls a month, and OpenAI can improve it.



Seems interesting shoot me an email ! I can show you what I’ve made with GPT-3 looking for a new side project at the moment. I’m in love with what this AI can do I want to keep adding to my resume of apps! This is one app I have live right now

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just sent you email from

I wrote a book that discusses the architecture required for this: David K Shapiro - NLCA

I’ll be happy to walk your people through it for free once you have a team, though I am not available to work as an employee.

book purchased. :sunglasses:

we have a team so we can connect when you have time.


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This sounds interesting, I would also be interested in being involved.

sure, what is your email?

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Hey there,
Are you still working on this project?
I am a developer based in the UK, just gone freelance.
If you email, I can share with you my resume.
Look forward to hearing, if relevant.

Not at this time, we are far past this.