Future of Custom GPT's - Strategy & Pricing

I was already starting to question the value of Custom GPT’s with the release of the GPT4-Turbo and with the Assistant API. It is unclear to me why would anyone use a custom GPT if the foundational models provide superior answers. Does anyone see the need for a specialized python coding assistant over GPT4-o ? I would love some clarity on whether this is similar to Apple’s strategy of cannibalizing it’s own products such as the ipod with the introduction of the iphone?

Custom code that you write is still valuable in some cases where it can be better and faster than what the code interpreter would do.
You can still bring your own content, your own ideas, you own instructions for style ad behavior. You can still find millions of uses of exposing web services as actions.

Since GPTs will be free for all the total addressable market is 100X what it was yesterday.
It’s also pretty clear you won’t get a check from the revenue share… so you need to solve monetization yourself.

Overall, I think GPTs are a great development platform. I hope they make vision easy to use.


I think they’d need to be even more specialized to add any sort of real value, and probably need to be used in an Agentic Design pattern to see a benefit. I can imagine a CustomGPT with a deep understanding of a specific Python library that is called upon by a higher level of agent to generate the related code.

As of now almost all “custom GPT processes” take place between a single user and a single LLM system. i.e. You ask ChatGPT “What is the tallest building in Paris?”. That’s a one to one relationship between you the user, and the company called OpenAI. In the VERY near future [like next week], you’ll be able to break this process up into smaller parts that won’t even know the other parts exist. For instance, usually when you use an OpenAI enabled chat bot, it is fed either a prompt and or a system instruction, then the response is just given to the end user. You could have ANOTHER AI process that pre and post processes the responses from the LLM, for instance from another company such as Google or even your own in house LLM. The value of that transaction can be a BUSINESS SECRET. For instance, I go to your website, and I ask the chatbot “What is the coolest bar in Paris?”, then the answer is post processed by an advertising network. CoolBar pays the advertising network, who inserts code to alter the chat response. viola value.