My service stopped and I have a limit of 120 dollars per month


I do not speak English very well. But I would like to know why the service stopped, because I have a limit of 120 dollars per month. Can you help me please?

Currently I have spent 12.76

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

What is the error message you get?

In the OpenAI account I do not receive any messages. It has just stopped. On my site where I use the API I get this:

You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

Ok, do you have a credit card assigned to your account?

Take a look at the Usage limits on the billing page (on your account page, Organization / Billing / Usage limits and check the link on “Approved usage limit”.

You need to request to increase, and it might take some days for them to answer. We’re on the same boat, friend. You can ask a friend to provide their API key so you can move on while that’s sorted out, that’s what I did to get the service going.

Best of luck!

Have you only just input your credit card in the last few weeks? If so, you were required to enroll in a new payment plan where you purchase pre-paid credits. You may have only purchased the minimum of $5.

Example math:
Free trial grant: $5
Purchased credits: $5
(system may allow you to go over: $2.76)

Another possibility, if you actually purchased a larger credit than your usage but can’t use it, is that an earlier payment system bug didn’t record one of your payments correctly.

Read the actual error message you are getting from the API with code;
Review your credit balance on the main billing overview page;
Purchase more credits if they have been exhausted;
See that you have not set too low of a hard usage limit