Help balance 120$,api not working

balance 120$

Client error: POST resulted in a 429 Too Many Requests response: { “error”: { “message”: “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.”,

Are you under the rate limits?

What are the rate limits for our API?

You can view the rate limits for your organization under the rate limits section of the account management page.

We enforce rate limits at the organization level, not user level, based on the specific endpoint used as well as the type of account you have. Rate limits are measured in three ways: RPM (requests per minute), RPD (requests per day), and TPM (tokens per minute). The table below highlights the default rate limits for our API.

Free usersPaid users (first 48 hours)Paid users (after 48 hours)

Requests per day (RPD) Requests per minute (RPM) Tokens per minutes (TPM)
Text & Embedding 200 RPD 3 RPM 150,000 TPM
Chat 200 RPD 3 RPM 40,000 TPM
Image 200 RPD 5 images / min
Audio 200 RPD 3 RPM
Edit (Deprecated) 200 RPD 3 RPM 150,000 TPM

For free trial users in the first 48 hour, we have added per day rate limits. The normal RPM and TPM limits apply but there is also a separate limits on the number of requests per day for each endpoint.

Free trial users also do not have access to fine-tune models at this time.

It is important to note that the rate limit can be hit by either option depending on what occurs first. For example, you might send 20 requests with only 100 tokens to the Edit endpoint and that would fill your limit, even if you did not send 150k tokens within those 20 requests.

HI my current limit is 120$ but when i try to use API, then showing this message You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. How can i get this solution?

Do you have a credit card attached to your account? Have you purchased a balance of credits?

Are you staying under the rate limits?

The card is linked, 0 out of 120$ is spent.

The screen that shows $120 shows how much you are authorized to use in an entire month. It doesn’t indicate whether you have added a credit card payment method in order to prepay for credits or previous monthly billing.

How long ago did you create the account or first add a credit card?

  • Older users would be billed monthly for their usage, requiring them to first put in a payment method.
  • Starting earlier this month, new paying customers instead were made to use a prepayment system, with a minimum payment of $5-$50. $120 is not an option.

On the main “billing page” → start payment plan.

The soft and hard limit settings below the $120 maximum also must be set to a value that doesn’t prohibit use, start at $40/20.

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