API key or page problem? I need help 😖

Hello! I don’t know if this is a page or API issue, but I’ve recently been chatting on a bot page where an API key is needed. I got one with another phone number that had never been registered with Open AI and that no one else had used, but when I created the API key and wanted to use it they told me that I had exceeded my quota, I was quite confused because I had never used the API and no one hadn’t used it either. I did the same with another new number and the same thing happened, my quota was exceeded. But I haven’t received any email from Open AI telling me that my quota is exceeded, as they normally do. If someone could help me, please.

PS: I’m sorry if my English pronunciation is bad, it is not my native language nor do I speak it very well.

Hello, OpenAI recently discontinued free trial credits. Try adding credits to your account using a credit card and trying again.

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Ohh, so that’s the problem. Thank you very much <3

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