My plugin got deleted or inaccesable? [GPT inaccessible or not found]

I’ve created a GPT with two actions and a knowledge file to analyze documents and reply to people. Somehow, the plugin got deleted or became inaccessible. This happened after I tried to make some last-minute changes.

I only tried to add new prompts to the default inputs… then, boom, it got deleted.

Here’s the last link I know:

Update: Somehow the plugin is back, but I’m still getting errors when trying to make changes (adding new prompts or actions).

I don’t know, should I make it public for now? Or share it with my own fans only? I believe if I made it public, it would be immensely helpful for no-code automation enthusiasts. But at the same time, my servers can’t handle a large number of action requests (+100K).

I will go with the unlisted option for now until OpenAI offers the ability to do the same as Cloudflare Workers.

Thanks for the update. You might check back in a day if possible… or like you said, publishing might fix whatever problem it’s having?

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Update 2: The plugin is back, but only for editing; it is not possible to run it, even for “only me”.

I thought it might be because of the name, as it may be copyrighted, so I tried changing it, and I’m still getting the same error.

Update: I’ve recreated the plugin and shared it with my fans only: ChatGPT - N8N Assistant (Unofficial)

My request now is to know what happened to the first plugin. Why was it deleted, and why did it revert to being private only?

Did you find a fix for this issue? I am having the same problem:

Same. I was building a credit card statement analyzer, where people could upload PDFs of their statements & answer questions on their spends. Got removed suddenly without any warning.

Tried searching for it on the Discover GPT page, but get this screenshot now.