Have plugins been replaced completely?

GPTs sound great, but have they fully replaced plugins? The email I received is vague, but does hint at a complete replacement:

“Today we’re announcing GPTs — custom versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks, which can be published so others can use them, too. This launch was directly influenced by what we learned from plugin developers.”

Anyway, I don’t see where to access my verified plugins in the new UI.


Have the plugins gone??? This is how the chat.openai.com looks now. No more way to access the store.

I have the same issue, No longer to find the plugin dev. Did you manage to find a solution?

I cannot find Plugins section under Chat GPT 4 tab at the top and cannot access to Plugins market. Suddenly my Plugin activation radio button turned off and I cannot turned back on, it always shows an error for

Nothing was announced, but the writing was on the wall. Plugins had reportedly very low engagements, were relying on 3rd-party developers to keep their own API running for free while paying for the privilege of developing a plugin, resulting in many of them not working, plugins were sending user data off to unknown parties, had huge backlogs in plugins being automatically pulled out of the store when a new version was uploaded needing security issues, authorization problems, bad actors putting ads in them and trying to charge for services without any notice the plugin was paid. No new developers added for many months.

The plugin developers might have been addressed directly and talk about it in their own private section of the forum if indeed plugins are going away immediately. Or they might have been simply turned off without any notice except for the flow of traffic stopping.

The GPT marketplace will supersede the plugin store. As the GPT marketplace rolls out, we will have more to share.

You can try refreshing your browser, going to settings, and see if the toggle appears for you as greyed-out.


According to a post on Discord there is currently an issue with plugins and they claim they are working to fix and they will be around a bit longer.

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It makes sense why they would suddenly discontinue the plugin store if they’re was serious eveidence of the third party developers abusing the system for some nefarious purposes without the end users knowledge. Maybe OpenAI is doing damage control. If that’s the case I would imagine they will be quicker to remedy the situation.

I really hope they figure it out soon though. This new update still cannot read pdf files despite my best efforts and the AI PDF plugin was truly amazing.

Plugins are back now and I agree with most of the criticism of them.

In addition, verification must have been a nightmare and there was no obvious way to monetize. GPTs will be a major advance.

We’re using ours to help journalists generate trivia questions on our recent news, given a topic.

My day might have been a lot busier tomorrow if i had to recreate that functionality/interface.


It was actually announced, sort of. The writing was not only on the wall, but also clearly documented on the website:

Like plugins, actions allow GPTs to integrate external data or interact with the real-world. Connect GPTs to databases, plug them into emails, or make them your shopping assistant.

The design of actions builds upon insights from our plugins beta, granting developers greater control over the model and how their APIs are called. Migrating from the plugins beta is easy with the ability to use your existing plugin manifest to define actions for your GPT.

Yeah, i have a very simple plugin (DM Tool Kit) it’s a diceroller. It works if i go back to a chat thread using plugins, but if i try to call on it via the GPT Actions, it fails to communicate with the API endpoint. It’s definitely running and having no issues on host side of things so idk why GPT Actions fail to communicate.

The plugins are back now :relieved:



Thank you - Which discord were you looking at?

It was a link over to Logan’s twitter feed. https://twitter.com/OfficialLoganK/status/1721660689625018809

Could someone maybe clarify this? I have not subscribed to Plus but am considering. To my understanding, you could combine multiple plugins into an (already existing?) conversation. Will actions only work in custom GPTs, removing the option from end-users to combine multiple of them in a single ongoing conversation?

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Unfortunately that is correct. 1 Action per “GPT”.

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Plugins gone again!

Well, I see them now…
It is coming and going.

Regardless of the OpenAI CEO saga, it seems that OpenAI is less sensitive to the developer’s community and more concerned about its direct customers and revenue. In their first dev conference, they actually showed that they decided to compete with the functionality given by much smaller companies (e.g. vector DB, Agents, etc.) on the one hand, and on the other hand, they didn’t say a word about the plugin systems in the conference and the future of the plugin is not clear.