My phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts

I have the same issue - phone is “locked” and I cannot use ChatGPT :frowning:

I am getting the same issue. I signed up months ago but forgot which email but I have only one number.

I’ve put in every email and did forgot password with no luck. Signing up for a new account says that my number has been used for the maximum number of accounts.

Any ideas?

You may also have authenticated with Google, Apple, or Microsoft login, in which case there would be no OpenAI password to reset, you just need to continue with that login method using either its email or phone number on record or your OpenAI verification phone number depending on which you used.

C’mon OpenAI, please allow us to manage our phone numbers to create or delete another account or unlink the account from our phone numbers. This is ridiculous.

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Same issue here. I have one personal account associated with a Gmail email address and just attempted to create a second one for work, but I’m already at the max. That can’t be right. I’m not getting auth texts from OpenAI for login.

How can we verify which accounts our phone numbers are linked to?

Can a voice verification be enabled? We use Zoom Phones at work and cannot receive text messages and OpenAI doesn’t support VOIP systems so I can’t use my work number.

I had used my cell phone number for a personal, non-paid account. Once I got financial approval to get ChatGPT Plus through my company, I deleted my personal account to keep things simple. Unfortunately I ran into this exact same phone number issue being “already linked to the maximum number of accounts.”

So I used the new email address I wanted to, and had a co-worker give me their number to verify and sign the email address up. Once I had the new account established I immediately selected upgrade to ChatGPT Plus and in the invoice process you can put in a cell phone number for verification; so I put in my number. Once I got the verification email about the invoice, I opened it and it sent a code to MY cell phone. That solved my issue of getting a new account with the same cell phone number

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Same here, used phone number too man times, but idk to which email accounts, so i cant use chatGPT at all lol, what a joke.

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I am not sure about this but I would guess it would be against the TOS to do that.

This is the exact problem I have. I signed up using Google for my work account and then lost access.

Even though I was able to get my old work account temporarily reinstated, when I add my new email address it forces me to verify via SMS. I then get the message “This phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts.”

I reached out to customer service using the Billing prompts because it’s the only place the bot actually allows you to enter text.

The only solution that I can think of is adding another cellphone number to my plan. I don’t want to sign up for a paid account if I won’t be able to access it.

OpenAI should have a “forgot my account name or login method” SMS method on the login page, that when a phone number is entered, it texts all the associated accounts and status of phone number (like if deleting one account banned the number).

That would still likely show database confusion when it says one account and “maximum reached” though, but might remind how you used up your phone number’s allowed accounts.