My GPT is not appearing at the top of all search results for the word "video"

I was informed by my user that my GPT ‘Video Summarizer’ no longer appears in the search results when the search query is ‘video’. Here is the link to my GPT:

Additionally, my user provided me with a screenshot indicating the difficulty they encountered in finding my GPT in the search. Previously, my ‘Video Summarizer’ GPT was in the first position for this search, but it is no longer displayed, rendering it unfindable by users:

Why did this happen? My GPT is among the most popular in the GPT Store, with more than 50,000 chats, yet it is hidden from GPT Store search results. It appears to be a bug. I kindly request the OpenAI team to address this issue.

  1. You not being at the top of a search result is not a “bug,” you’re not entitled to any special placement.
  2. You appear to be worried about literally nothing.

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@elmstedt, thank you very much for sharing the screenshot. Could you let me know if you’ve used my ‘Video Summarizer’ GPT at any point in the past few days? I’ve received feedback from a user who experienced difficulty finding it in the search after not using it for over a week. Interestingly, once they discovered and used it again, it seemed to reappear in the search results in the same way as you have shown.

P.S. Just to clarify, the issue I mentioned involves whether or not the GPT appears in search results at all, rather than its specific ranking or position within those results.

I’ve never used your video summarizer. I typically only use my own internal GPTs.

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@elmstedt, thank you for sharing this information; it provides a completely new perspective!

I’m sure you’re aware there are literally millions of GPTs out there and likely at least dozens to hundreds that deal with videos.

The search results only show ten results for any particular search, there are at least 10 GPTs with “Video Summarizer” in their name.

It’s very likely yours may not always be included in every search for “video summarizer.”

By definition, a bug is unintended behavior, and I had doubts about whether the behavior reported to me by the user was intentional. Therefore, I have decided to reach out to OpenAI through the forum and to address this matter.