GPT not included in GPT Store

Hi, I have built 4-5 GPTs and published them for anyone to use. But I am not able to see them in the newly launched GPT store. Have I missed anything?

There’s quite a few of them and only a handful of categories.

Did you try searching?

I have the same issue. I think it’s because you have to have a webside to verify your builder status. If this is not the case please help or confirm!

I seem to be having issues with the search function in the GPT Store. I type in part of the name of my GPT and it shows up but nothing related to it does. I have checked the URLs and there are numerous related but different GPTs that could be associated with the keywords I am using but they don’t show up in the store.

I am also noticing that the GPTs I have created aren’t being seen at all given the opening of the store. I had some views before the store opened but the count for all four hasn’t changed since the store opened.

Do you think it is just too early right now? I kind of feel like the search function should be working accurately on day one. This is kind of worrying me.

I am pretty sure you only need to have set up your builder profile. You go to the left side of the screen under MyPlan and hit the small button at the bottom that says Manage My Subscription. Then just make sure your billing info is correct and then navigate back to ChatGPT, go to Settings, go to Builder Profile, then make sure Name is toggled green.

But there could also be an issue with the order they confirm post-able GPTs and they may prefer website based GPTs in their confirmation process, I am not sure. They are a bit scarce on details.

Done all that. Builder profile, domain verification. Still the GPTs are not available in the store.
One thought: Since OpenAI is monetizing only US developers now, is there a possibility they are excluding GPTs developed from other countries?

Well, this is strange. Just now spotted they have deactivated “Publish to Everyone” option.

It may have been removed/‘censored’ by OpenAI.

I have more than 30 GPTs, and since yesterday some are no longer allowed to be published on the store (the option is disabled), or even prohibited from any sharing!

This one, for example, is a puzzle; its knowledge is composed of documents freely accessible on the Web (the same ones that are undoubtedly currently used by OpenAI to train GPT-5 :robot::joy::question:).

What policy might a puzzle have violated? This store launch doesn’t have as much preparation as it seems.


Sorry, by ‘puzzle’ I mean ‘enigma’, ‘mystery’.
Indeed I really don’t know which policy this GPT violate, just received this generic email.

Ensure that you make it Public. For it to be public, you have to be verified with either your name or a domain name.