My ChatGPT account was deactivated

I just found out my account was deactivated. I have no idea why, and I am desperately getting back on my work. Can someone tell me what to do?

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Hi @wja4rdfn,

this is for DALL E 2 but should apply to your case as well:

If your account access has been deactivated, it’s likely due to a violation of our content policy or terms of use.
If you believe this happened in error, please reach out to with the subject line: “Deactivated User Appeal”, and include a justification for why your account should be reactivated.

Good Luck in getting fast back to your work :slight_smile:

Edit: Her’s the Link:
Why was my DALL·E 2 account deactivated? | OpenAI Help Center.

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my account was deactived this afternoon just now,how to resolve it…???

The same for me, I didn’t know why it was deactivated, please let me know how to resolve it, thanks.

Sorry,My account not active until now.
what’s your location?
may be the location is forbidden by Open AI.

Hey @billsedison and @x1929,

please refer to the following post regarding your issues:

I think this would be the best place to address your issues and receive help :slight_smile:

Hey My account is bugging. chat GPT is saying that “Oups something went wrong” endlessly and even if I log out and back in, it seems to do the same. also my history chats are not loading… what should I do?

Hi Emma,

in this case the best way to get back on track (if this issue persists - OpenAI Status, couple of outages in the last days) would be to contact the support:

Good luck in getting this resolved fast :slight_smile:

I am having issues with my account as well. How do I contact support? I sent an email to and haven’t received any reply for a couple of days now. I am not able to interact with ChatGPT at all. Even if I want to upgrade to plus, it is not letting me do it. If anybody can tell me how to reach support, would be greatly appreciated.