Message: "ERROR UNINSTALLING (plugin name)" with unverified plugins - is this a Malware?

Same issue I cannot uninstall the Weather Report plug-in, I think @haolepino is on to what might be the issue

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Error uninstalling is also displayed in ChatWithPDF.

A red icon is now displayed next to the same plug-in name.

It seems that other plug-ins can be uninstalled without problems.

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Same issue here.


Same issue with ChatWithPDF
What does the red icon indicate? It looks like unusual

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The icon indicates that the plugin is unverified, for some reasons some plugins like ChatWithPDF got retroactively unverified. AskYourPDF was also unverified but as of today is verified once again. Not sure what is going on.

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Just to give some insight into what is happening.

A plugin can switch from verified to unverified when the developer makes a change to the plugins manifest file.

This is a small file that contains meta information such as the plugin name, description, logo, legal info link etc…

Changing any of the content in this file will switch the plugin into “unverified” and OpenAI will need to review the plugin and approve it again.

So, bottom line, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a temporary thing and the plugin will switch back to verified as soon as it’s been reviewed.


thx for your explanation.
what’s wrong with the uninstalling failure?

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Not clear - I’m assuming some glitch that will be fixed at some point by OpenAI. It’s all still in beta and there’s probably still some bugs to be ironed out.

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Error uninstalling… is still there for me too and as you said with unverified plugins only.

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Same issue here; I can not use or uninstall these plusigs!

I have the same issue with Prompt Perfect. It has the same “Unverified” symbol.

Another strange thing is that I can’t seem to find the plugin in the store.


same issue with Prompt Perfect & Upskillr


Here’s my concern: There is now a new, verified version of Upskillr, but my installed plugins still show an unverified version of Upskillr. So right now it looks like I’m stuck with the unverified version and will never be able to uninstall it? That can’t be what was intended.

the same

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Same problem with the uninstalling unverified versions

Agree with him. I’m having the same issue with the PROMPT PERFECT plugin.

I can not uninstall it.

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I have been experiencing the same problem with the Prompt Perfect plugin for the last couple of weeks.

I also have this problem. If any staff member will see this, here’s the request info:

Request URL:

Payload: { is_installed: false }

Preview: { detail: "Error updating plugin: { "message": "Cannot install plugin" }" }

@logankilpatrick the above might help you debug the issue

As much as notifying Logan is a sensible thing to do, I have not seen him respond to any of these in approximately the last two weeks.

Logan’s replies.

As such I myself no longer notify him.