Plugin knocked down to unverified status without any changes

Hi, my plugin at was knocked down to unverified status (to my awareness, as of this morning) and cannot be found in the store by users without any changes. The unverified label is leading to a large drop in traffic due to users thinking it’s a dangerous plugin.

I’m aware a change to the manifest is supposed to change the status, but I hadn’t touched anything. I haven’t deployed a new version to the cloud since a couple days ago.

Sounds like it’s back up? Assuming this is yours:

Did you figure out what happened? Cool plugin btw. Nice to see something so useful.


I pinged the team to look into this, the code is very much looking for a change in the manifest file. Trying to dig in more.


Note that on Sunday night, I did end up changing the manifests; just for clarity in your investigations @logankilpatrick

My leading theory is that on both Friday evening and Saturday morning I had updated our frontend webpage to include a new link on our homepage. Our frontend service hosts our static files like the plug-in json and api yaml. When I deployed the change to get the link on the page, the whole service restarted and I would think that an incoming request from OpenAI to reach the manifest files would fail for a millisecond long window. Perhaps a failed HTTP, however temporary, registered as a code change and knocked us out.

I’ve started doing rolling deploys to maintain 100% uptime on those files, just to be safe.


I suspect something similar happened to Wiki Facts. Approved, no change to manifest, but showing unverified. Mentioning in case it helps the team with the investigation.