Merge Data from Personal Workspace to Team Workspace

I have recently set up a ChatGPT Teams workspace and saw there is a new feature to “Merge data from your personal workspace”. Has anyone performed the merge?

Curious to know what information gets “merged”? I have Custom GPTs on my personal account and want to merge data, but don’t want to lose the Custom GPTs.

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As I do not have access to a ChatGPT Team account, I find this to be valuable feedback.

As a moderator I will do what I can to get this answered by knowledgeable users and/or OpenAI staff.

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This is a new feature that should allow you to merge all your old chats and gpts from your personal workspace (personal subscription) into your gpt teams environment. So you do not have double subscriptions. However… I just tried this… and it did not import any of my custom gpts from my personal plan. Which is a DISASTER. Anyone else dealing with this?

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OPEN AI == you need to respond to this !!!

I haven’t created GPTs myself, so based on my experience, I can say that conversation history and archived conversation history are transferred from a personal account to a team plan account.

During this process, the conversation history and archives were transferred to the team plan account created with the same email address as the personal account.

Do not do this, it seems to permanently remove the Personal workspace, meaning, all your chats must be performed on a Team. It’s ridiculous.